10 Tips on Avoiding Common Diet and Lifestyle Loopholes

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Moderation is the key to a healthy diet. However, skimping too much on calories and fat might undo your efforts. Fiber and protein are the best bets as nutrients that take longer to be broken by your body, thus keeping you full for longer. Skipping meals isn’t the best way to remain in shape. This would only result in hunger hormones to cause binge eating on high calorie carbohydrates.

The efficacy of the following tips varies for people with hormone issues requiring HRT or BHRT:

  • Drop unhealthy snacking: Limit fried food and fizzy drinks, even the diet ones. They pack a hefty calorie punch. Keep a store of mixed nuts handy to snack on as they keep you full for longer, providing healthy nutrients. Snack on fresh ones if you are not a dry fruit person.
  • Plan your mealtimes: Getting too hungry means ending up eating more or cravingfor carbohydrates. Eat your greens first so that you are not too hungry when you reach over for the meat dish, thus limiting calorie intake and increasing fiber consumption.
  • Don’t ignore your thirst: Thirst is sometimes confused with being hungry and thus results in overeating. Make sure to meet your water quota every day, which is about 64 ounces per day. Water with honey and lemon in the morning helps detox body and keeps a check on weight gain too.
  • Protein is your best friend:Focus on protein and fiber. Protein in conjunction with strength exercise builds lean muscles. These help in increasing your metabolism, thus keeping fat away. Opt for fruits over their juice for the fiber content.

Protein is your best friend

  • Journal your grub: Start keeping a food journal to keep a tab on what, when, and how much you eat throughout the day. It helps a lot of people realize their dietary bad choices if seen jotted down.
  • Take your time:Relax and eat slowly. Setting aside at least 20 minutes of relaxed mealtime is a good idea as it takes 20 minutes for the body to realize if calorie intake is enough for the time-being. So, rushing through meals might mean overeating. When you eat real quickly, the body gets stressed out, triggering you to eat more.
  • Home-cooked over take-outs: Cut down on the restaurant food and make healthy choices by cooking yourself. If you are pressed for time throughout the week, prepare your meals for three days at a time, cooking just once midweek. Mix and match some of the dishes for variety.
  • Wear well-fitted clothes for dinner dates: Wear clothes that fit you well, especially around the abdominal areaon a lunch or dinner date. This will keepyou conscious of the way it would look after a huge meal. It is a good way to ensure you do not indulge too much on outside food on weekends.
  • Do not skimp or skip breakfast: You might have been told this umpteen times by your mom, but it is true. If you skip breakfast or get a very scanty one, you will end up feeling extremely hungry by your lunch break.
  • Limit alcohol intake: Alcohol adds fat to the mid-section. A standard beer has 150 calories and the liver burns this rather than fat. Switch to red wine or blueberry wine that have cancer fighting qualities. Order water in between drinks to limit alcohol intake.

Limit alcohol intake

Know your food and preferences better to keep a tab on your weight. Healthy diet choices go a long way than just keep you in shape.

Author Box:-Robert Wolf explains how a perfectly laid out approach helps you manage your dietary habits. Though he admits hormone replacement therapy as a potential alternative to most of the problems, changing some basic habits may solve most of your issues.

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