4 Tips to Combat Dry Skin

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Extreme weather conditions harshly affect your skin, including increasing dryness.Dry skin can have painful results, such as cracking, bleeding, and itching. Fortunately, the right treatment provides enough protection to stop these effects. Combat harsh weather conditions and protect your skin with these tips.

#1 – Change Your Morning Routine

According to WebMD, hot showers strip the body of the natural oil barriers that keep it moisturized. Take shorter showers to save water and your skin. Aim to shower no longer than 10 minutes a day. Additionally, replace hot showers with warm ones.

#2 – Moisturize Consciously

Buy products without fragrances or deodorants to protect your skin.

Replace lotions with ointments or creams, especially olive oil based ones. Olive oil allows your skin to keep its natural oils. Ointments and creams cause less skin irritation and help trap moisture.

Ulta carries a wide selection of ointments and creams that work effectively to protect your skin. Try Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar, Olay’s Regenerist Night Recover Cream, or Aquaphor’s Healing Ointment Tube. Use Ulta’s coupons to save on your skin products.

#3 – Use Lip Protectors

Lips become very vulnerable to dryness during the winter, so take extra precautions to protect it. Read the lip balm’s ingredients before wearing: some contain material that causes skin irritation. Switch brands if you experience stinging or irritation.

In the winter, apply a generous amount of lip balm to your lips every time you leave the house.

#4 – Wear Gloves

Gloves not only protect your hands from coldness but also dryness. Put on a pair of gloves right before going outside, washing dishes, or handling chemicals or greasy substances.

If all else fails, speak to a dermatologist before beginning a new skin regime. Most of these tips just involve a change of habit. However, if you need to find a stronger moisturizer, or experience extreme dryness, consult a dermatologist for advice and recommendations.

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