Ashwagandha: The natural way to go nootropic!

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There are no surprises for guessing that the nootropics too has extended its association with ashwagandha then! The Withania Somnifera, as its botanical name is, has now gained a name for itself as a natural nootropics, as it effects are known to have quite a considerable impact on the brain, mind, and the cognitive behavior of people.

Ashwagandha Lehyam: A Comprehensive Knowhow

The Asvagandhadi leham contains many bioactive substances including Withaferin A. These substances have exhibited different mechanism when studied in clinical trials. This lehyam of ashwagandha comes with lot of benefits. It has anticancer, cognition improving, anti diabetic, hormone modulating, and antihypertensive properties.

Here are a few uses of them:

  1. It has always been known to be a powerful anti-oxidant. Its effect is most visible in the brain cells as it shields them against any damage or the aftermaths of natural aging.
  2. The ones regularly consuming it see themselves beings completely getting rid of any symptoms of stress and anxiety. And the ones already afflicted with them, see a marked improvement in their alleviation.
  3. Imbalances see a gradual cure to their problems by its usage. This is because, it is an adaptogen, that is, it helps the response of the brain in adapting to any ‘stress’ like situations that canaries due to various pressures.
  4. They are essentially consumed in the root form to extract the maximum benefits from. When consumed in prescribed dosage, it helps in mental clarity and focus. So, no wonder they are a big hit with the students and professional all across the rung!
  5. The Ashwagandha consists of natural compounds like flavonoids and withanolides, (of the Withania family) that have this special feature to induce peaceful sleep. So, this is yet another most consumed by the ones with sleep disorders.
  6. They have also been known to be highly beneficial in curing diseases related to the neurologically degenerative diseases like ADHD and dementia. This is because, the herb has restorative properties- to repair the ill-effects of any brain cell or nerve damage in any sort of physical or emotional mishaps.
  7. As for the cognitive part, they are known to be fetching some very quick results in treating emotional conditions like depression and emotional imbalances. Not only the herb cures but very effectively preserves any damage to the brain or neuro centre damages. So, it is a neuro protector and guard, no side effects from ashwagandha tablets, prescribed by your doctor!
  8. It is known to be very beneficial as an anti-stress substance. This effect seems to be coming from corticosterone signalling and suppressing the neuronal excitation (nNOS and glutamate) in response to stressful stimuli.
  9. The usage of this herb is beneficial to the immune system too, as this is supposed to one of the many advantages of a typical nootropic usage.

The ashwagandha has always maintained its reputation of being your savior herb. Now, go for it for the peace of your mind and for your loved ones too!

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