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Anadrol 50 is an androgenic and anabolic steroid that has proven promising results on improving your muscle tone and physical power. It is the brand name for the chemical compound Oxymetholone which is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Previously this steroid was used effectively for the treatment of anaemia and osteoporosis. In the recent times Anadrol 50 is even used in weight loss programs and treating muscular hypertrophy. Because of the positive impacts related to anabolic functions, Anadrol 50 is becoming popular among bodybuilders and athletes.

What is the legal status of the drug?

Anadrol 50 was first developed by Syntax, a pharmaceutical company in 1960. Since then it is being widely used by bodybuilders to add more volumes to their muscles and gain extra power and energy to face challenging events. When this steroid was used in the 60s, people did not have much knowledge about the mode of action of the drug, and thus even gave it to children. As a result, there were a lot of adverse effects caused including malnutrition and growth associated disorders in children. There were a lot of controversies in fixing the drug fit for human consumption, as it caused several serious damages to the liver cells during the detoxification process. According to Anadrol50, it works against life threatening diseases like AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) caused by HIV (human immune virus). HIV mainly destroys the immune system, making the body highly sensitive to small scale as well as large scale disease attacks. From clinical reports it was proved that Anadrol 50 improved the overall defence system by building body’s resistance power against any oncoming disease.

Anadrol 50 is stealing the limelight in the bodybuilders’ forum mainly because of a secretive steroid activist named Dan Duchaine. He promoted the use of Oxymetholone as a pocket friendly drug against the costlier Dianabol. Both the drugs have the same anabolic function of building up muscles, but Anadrol 50 is a better option for every class of people. Dan’s initiative to popularise Anadrol 50 brought him fame and paved the way towards the legalisation of the drug in UK, US, Australia and Canada. The FDA has also given its approval on making the steroid publicly available and declaring i to be fit for human consumption.

Where do you get Anadrol 50?

Since the drug has found earlier effective usage in the field of clinical treatments against AIDS, anaemia and other medical disorders, Anadrol 50 can be openly purchased only with a valid prescription. Individual adjustment of the dosage schedule, deviating from the recommended measurements can be detrimental as the drug is strong enough to alter the overall biological mechanism. There are several online stores and steroid forums from where you can safely purchase the drug. You should be alert enough to distinguish between fraudulent retailers and genuine sellers. In case of such doubts, consult experts and professional bodybuilders by talking to them about composition details. According to Anadrol50, it is really important that you stick your dosage plan and not exceed the maximum limit provided on the product guidelines to ensure safety and wellness of your health.

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