How to Get Started with a New Waist Trainer

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Waist training is the process used by millions of people across Australia in reducing natural waist size and accentuate curves. This is done with a waist trainer, which is responsible for giving the person wearing it an exaggerated hourglass figure. Over a period of time, the body will shift as you begin to slowly pull in at the waist, and this semi-permanent effect will leave you satisfied. The more you wear this waist trainer, the faster you will see the results, but there are certain things you need to do to prepare yourself to get started.

Waist training actually works, and countless before and after pictures have become live testimony for men and women everywhere looking to enjoy the results. Waist training is the new way to gain beautiful curves, and prices are now lower than they ever were. No matter your budget, now is the time to try this innovative new body shaping technique.

Getting Started

Waist training in AU is an excellent tool, but there are specific considerations you need to make before buying your first trainer. Every waist trainer is different, and there are a variety of materials, boning and in-closures available from which to choose. For example, you can choose between steel and plastic boning, and each offers a different set of benefits.

Your waist trainer should fit tight enough to pull your waist in on the third hook closure, meaning you should visibly see your waist reduce in size after attaching the third hook. Your waist trainer should have enough structure to not roll over the waist, which is a sure sign that you have purchased a size that is too small. It should also not interfere with your breathing and should under no circumstances cause you any pain.

The garment will feel slightly uncomfortable when you first begin to use it, but frequent use should allow you to grow accustomed to the pressure of the garment. This is why you gradually build up to wearing the trainer for long periods of time. For example, wear it for just half an hour at first, gradually increasing the length of time, as you grow used to the trainer. It should close over your stomach without bulging, and it is in your best interest to break it in for a more comfortable fit. If you are a woman with a natural waist of 38” or more, you may choose a waist trainer that is between 7 and 10 inches smaller, due to the fact that your body will have more weight to safely redistribute while you shrink your waist.

Tips to Remember

You will look slimmer from the moment you first put on your waist trainer, but the long term results depend on your level of commitment. To get the full effects, you must wear it daily and always during a workout to ensure proper heat increase. Be sure to stay hydrated, as it will increase thermal activity in your core area which will also increase perspiration. The more you perspire, the more you will need to replace that sweat with fluids. Getting started is easy, but getting the right results depends on making the right choices and using the garment properly.

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