How to Use Electronic Cigarettes to Stop Smoking Forever

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Smoking is one of the most deadly and disgusting habits on the face of the planet. Organisations thrive on getting others to quit smoking, and some are capitalising by creating ways for smokers to quit. One of the most popular and newest ways to quit smoking is through e-cigarettes and vaping. Even if you don’t wish to quit smoking, you can significantly eliminate the chance of becoming ill from smoking real cigarettes by switching to an electronic cigarette.

Is Quitting an Option?

Quitting using an electronic cigarette is very easy. The entire process itself is about weaning yourself off of it through a small dosage of nicotine. You can still receive your nicotine without harming yourself further and by tricking your body without going cold turkey. Cold turkey is one of the most unsuccessful ways of quitting smoking as it doesn’t kick the craving, but it makes it worse and gives you headaches in the process.

Before jumping into the world of smoking electronic cigarettes, you should know that you can purchase an electronic cigarette starter kit to give you all of the tools you need to begin succeeding. Starter kits usually include the following: cigarette batteries, clearomisers, e-liquid, a USB charger (or charger of some sort), a USB wall adapter, and a carrying case.

While some of these accessories may not come in every single starter kit possible, you will receive a battery of some sort, a cartomiser or clearomiser, and e-liquid.

Tips on Quitting Smoking with an E-Cigarette

Before setting off your journey, you should map out your clear goals and set dates. In doing so, you can prepare for weaning yourself off the nicotine accordingly. During this week, you want to start out with the maximum amount of nicotine that you’ll be receiving in the process, so you’ll be ready for a lower amount in week two.

During week two, you not only want to cut down the nicotine mg/mL, but you’ll also want to leave the cigarettes at home by this point. Limiting access to cigarettes can easily be done by incorporating an electronic cigarette into your lifestyle. Try to have a cigarette in the morning and one at night, and use the e-cigarette all other times. Going cold turkey is not the answer.

The third week of your quitting smoking journey should entail an almost cigarette-free week. Although you may have a slip-up or two, you shouldn’t be purchasing any cigarettes at this point. Make it impossible for yourself to smoke by only smoking on a drive to a particular place.

Finally, week four should be an entirely cigarette-free week. There should be no rewarding during these days, as you’ve had your rewards and your fun. Week four entails working entirely on acquainting yourself with vaping and making it the sole smoking device.

Benefits of stopping smoking within these weeks include:

  • Regaining your senses such as smell and taste
  • Better cholesterol within a few weeks
  • Opening up your airways and lung capacity

Before you jump into the world of electronic cigarettes, it’s important to go over a plan and give yourself a bit of room for slip-ups, as they will happen. Going cold turkey only harms you more in the end and makes you cave quicker.

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