Increase your HGH levels to stay energetic

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Human Growth hormone is naturally produced in the pituitary gland and it is vital for cell regeneration, growth and maintaining healthy human tissue, including brain and various core organs. Soon after the HGH secretion, it remains active for few minutes in the blood, allowing the liver to convert the HGH into growth factors, the most insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) that has growth promoting properties in every cell of the body.

HGH levels will be determined only by the blood tests. The HGH supplements are acting as an enhancer that acts in a safe way to increase the body’s own secretion of growth hormone. A person who has dysfunctions in the pituitary gland or been diagnosed with HGH deficit, he/she may require HGH pure injection for improving the HGH levels. Too much of HGH in the blood can lead to plenty of side effects and adverse reactions. After knowing your GH levels only you may stick on to these supplements or injection etc., your GH level can be tested only by the physician with the help of a blood test and he is the right person to advise you whether you need a growth hormone supplement or not. Increased protein synthesis helps for potential muscle gain.

Increasing Human Growth Hormone by natural foods:

Proteins are essential for growth, regulating function and energy production. The foods which are high in amino acids will be naturally high in protein that helps to stimulate the GH. Amino acids are obtained from natural foods such as salmon fish, lean meats, chicken, dairy products, soybeans, tofu.

Increasing Human Growth Hormone by activities:

  • High-intensity workouts engage super fast twitch muscle fibers that release Growth hormone naturally.
  • Adequate sleep of minimum eight hours will automatically raise the HGH levels
  • Eating high-quality protein food helps in increased protein synthesis
  • Consuming sugars after a workout will cause the hypothalamus to release Somatostatin that ultimately decreases the production of growth hormone. Simple sugar with high-glycemic property also spikes insulin level. This not only leads to fat storage but also decreases the release of HGH.

The benefits of Human growth hormone:  HGH improves physical strength by stimulating collagen synthesis in the skeletal muscles, tendons, enhances muscle strength, and thus improves exercise performance.

Enhances weight loss: The Growth hormone is capable of accelerating lipolysis, breaking down lipids and involving with the hydrolysis of triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids, impairing the growth hormone secretion that leads to loss of lipolytic effect.

Reduces cardiovascular risk: Adults with growth hormone deficiency will have an increased risk of cardiovascular problems that decreases life expectancy. The HGH deficit patients will have higher body mass and triglyceride concentrations. The lipoprotein metabolism is altered by GH deficiency that increases the heart problems.

Makes the Bones Stronger: The pituitary gland stimulates to release the growth hormone which is necessary for regulating bone growth especially during puberty. GH stimulates IGF-1 production that is produced in the liver and released into the blood stream. HGH level starts to decline when the age goes up that’s why older people will not be able to form or replace bone. IGF-1 stimulates bone forming and bone reabsorbing cells to increase the bone mass.

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