The right way to Clen usage to attain your fitness goals

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Clenbuterol is one of the most powerful steroids used today especially for weight loss. It comes with strong thermogenic properties which help to burn fat and also enhances oxygen transportation which helps in the functioning of cardiovascular organs. The result is a lean physique and that is the reason Clen is highly popular among not just fitness enthusiasts but also professional athletes.

At the same time, to get its positive effects, it is important to follow the right way of using it. There is a certain dosage that is recommended and there are cycles that need to be followed in order to bring out its best effects.

Clen cycles for all and Clen usage for beginners

Each person is different, so the type of dosage required for each will be different. The common way of using it start with a low dose and then gradually increase it as one moves forward in a Clen cycle. The standard dose can be followed by all as it is a safe dosage.

A beginner, both male and female users, should start with 20 mcg and if woman users can begin with 10 mcg, that is also good enough. Look how your body adapts to Clen usage and then you should increase the dose gradually. One should take Clen either in the morning or right before one begins his or her exercises. This will enhance its effect and the other benefit, is that it will not affect your sleep. If you take Clen at night, you will get insomnia. Learn more about the Clenbuterol usage here.

The general Clen cycle is the two weeks on and two weeks off cycle. The reason is that the body gets adapted to the use of Clen and in order for the body to regain its former self, it is necessary to give it a break from Clen usage and then restart the usage. If you are starting with 20 mcg of Clen in the first day, the second day, it should be 40 mcg, which is 20 mcg more. Likewise continue for a week and then take two days off and then again go but in the reverse order till you reach 20 mcg.

The use of different forms of Clen

Oral Clen can be taken for 16 weeks starting with the lowest dose possible. During this week cycle, Clenbuterol can help you lose weight considerably. There are also those who combine Clen with other steroids to get faster results. One steroid that is used in combination with Clen is Anavar. The stacking cycle goes thus: Clen dose is 20 mcg and Anavar is 40 mcg daily for the complete first week. Till the 6th week, the dose of Anavar remains the same but the dose of Clen is increased by 20 mcg each week.  There is a break in the 7th and 8th week. Then for the 9th and 10th week, there is only Clen to be taken, the dose of which is 60 and 80 mcg respectively.


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