The Top Three Principles to Remember when Designing or Upgrading Your Dental Clinic and Practice

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Like all establishments, clinics – and other medical practice environments – need regular upgrading and renovating in order to be able to provide the best service possible, to work as efficiently as possible, and to modernise all the equipment with the latest tools. Technology influences how things are done in all fields, including the dental field, and it’s important to stay on top of it.

Designing or upgrading a dental clinic is not as easy as it seems, however; a lot of things need to be taken into consideration. Are you planning to start (or renovate) your facilities? Here are the top three principles to remember when designing or upgrading your dental clinic and practice.

Your goals

There’s no use designing something unless you know exactly what its purpose will be; every design hopes to accomplish a goal. Before you start thinking about space, wiring, plumbing, tools, storage space, or other details, think carefully about what the purpose of the space is. It helps to write down your personal goals, to think through the actions that you will be performing there, and to compare with other designs to see if you have missed anything. A good design always starts with the clarification of goals.

Functionality and balance

It’s easy to think of a great idea – it’s not always as easy to put it into practice and make it a reality. Your design needs to have functionality and needs to be a balance of what is ideal and what is possible, as confirmed by dental supply specialists from Your budget will no doubt play a big role in this.

Think about clinical function, architectural design, ergonomic design, and technological integration – but think about these things with a realistic mind. As stated before, think about the function and list down the needs; then list ideas on how these ideas could be accomplished. In this process, you’ll have to find solutions to practical problems.

Updated equipment

In today’s market, it won’t be long before you are declared obsolete if you don’t avail of the latest technology; your patients expect you to give them the best possible treatment, after all. Plan for today’s technology, but also for tomorrow’s.

As a bonus, here are two more important issues to think about. First of all, make sure your floor plan is not just designed with functionality in mind, but also with possible future upgrading built in. Think of new equipment and be sure to install extra wiring outlets and extra plumbing. Secondly, you want your patients and your staff to feel like they are in a welcoming yet clean and professional-looking clinic, so getting professional designers to make it look attractive may boost your business. Design it well – a lot depends on it.

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