Tips To Ponder Before Acupuncture Appointment

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Before getting an acupuncture treatment, it is essential to know about how to prepare yourself for the treatment. These rules tend to improve the quality and outcome of acupuncture. From taking proper sleep to taking proper food, from hiring a qualified practitioner to create a schedule for appointment; all these factors affect the degree of treatment.

Here are some basic rules that should be taken into consideration before the appointment, click here

Hire a qualified Acupuncturist

Firstly, it is most important to hire a qualified acupuncturist with a proper knowledge of dealing with the problems. Secondly, he/she should plan proper schedule and offer relevant tips to the customer after the treatment.

Avoid consuming huge meal as well as starving

It is recommended to take a small meal and healthy meal before going through the treatment. Consuming large amount of food can result in impairment in the flow of energy due to the belly’s resistance. Further, going empty stomached will lower your blood sugar levels. Eat two hours before the appointment.

Alcohol is not your friend

Alcohol is never our friend and neither it is after your treatment. Acupuncture treatment helps in opening the blockage line of energy and it creates a deep insight to our problems. Consuming alcohol before or after the treatment may block the potentiality of body and cause numbness thus affecting oppositely. Instead of alcohol, consume large amount of water as it will open paths fro a quick recovery.

Take a nap

Taking proper sleep or performing savasana (resting yoga pose) can settle your energy into new patterns and new arrangements thus boosting your health. Avoid fatigue and stress after the treatment.


Avoid Painkillers before Treatment

Generally, people consume loads of pain killers fearing from the needles. These needles give no sensation of pain; hardly as much as mosquitos bite. Further, if there is no sensation of Qi moving, the treatment will be of no use. Moreover, painkillers add toxins to the body.

Plan your Appointment

Planning is vital for every goal and thus Acupuncture requires a proper planning too. Avoid stressful meetings or work before or after the treatment. Avoid sedentary routine before or after the appointment.

Consume hot water or herbal tea

Always consume large amount of water or herbal tea after the appointment. Drinking water will restore your body in a new arrangement and a stable state.

All these tips are sure to help you with Acupuncture appointment in advance.

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