Top 5 Aspects Of Anavar Cycle Worth Knowing!

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Back in 1960, Anavar started off as a medication that helped patients in gaining muscles and boosting immunity. Soon after, it started being used in the bodybuilding community for varied benefits. Also known by its secondary name Oxandrolone, Anavar is a class I steroid, which is a lab-made form of testosterone DHT. Of course, like most other steroids, it does have a few side effects on the body, but at the same time, it is offers great results when you want to drop unwanted fat around the most rigid parts of the body. Here are 5 aspects worth knowing.

  1. Anavar is available in form of pills and it can go through the cleaning system of liver without any kind of molecular makeover, which is often the case with many steroids. This trait of the steroid surely helps in getting the right results, but at the same time, you may witness a few side effects just as hair loss. You may also see things like acne and increase in bad cholesterol levels.
  2. Secondly, if you have any history with varied forms of cardiac issues or have had heart attacks in the past, Anavar is not meant for you. While the steroid is highly popular with both male and female bodybuilders, there is no denying that it does have a few side effects, which must be considered by people with heart problems.
  3. If you can follow the cycle, Anavar will offer a whole range of benefits, including fat loss and enhancement in what is called cellular protein synthesis. Basically, cellular protein synthesis is the process by which the body can create new muscle mass, but you should note that this is not a drug for bulking. This means that it doesn’t really push the body for producing new muscle cells, but does aid cellular protein synthesis.
  4. A 10mg Anavar cycle is the best, and that’s where most men and women start with. Once the cycle ends, the body starts producing more testosterone, mainly to compensate the drop in hormones. In short, there is no yo-yo effect with this steroid, and therefore, there is no need for PCT, also known as Post Cycle Therapy.
  5. As with most steroids, you should follow the dosage and other instructions to avoid the unwanted issues and side effects. Take your time to know what other users have to say about Anavar or check this link.

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