What Is Coeliac Bowel Disease And How Does It Affect The Body?

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Coeliac bowel disease is something that affects thousands of people around the globe. This is a condition that needs to be closely monitored, and the sufferer needs to take steps to make sure that they are not debilitated by the condition.

This is an autoimmune disorder which affects the bowels. A person with coeliac bowel disease will not be able to process wheat properly. There are lots of different symptoms to show that someone is suffering from coeliac bowel disease.

What Are The Signs?

Lack Of Appetite

A lack of appetite can signal a wide variety of different problems, but it is also one of the main symptoms that point to you having coeliac bowel disease. You should carefully monitor your appetite to make sure that you are getting enough nutrients with your food.

The loss of appetite is caused by the fact that your bowels are struggling to break down the wheat in your diet that comes from bread and cereals. Juvela sells gluten-free food that is incredibly nutritious and tasty.

Chronic Diarrhea

When you are suffering from chronic diarrhoea, this can have an extremely negative impact on your life. Suffering from chronic diarrhoea can cause you to withdraw from social occasions out of embarrassment. You should go to the doctor to get a diagnosis as soon as possible.

Coeliac suffers will suffer from chronic diarrhoea if they have a lot of wheat in their diet. Barley and rye can also cause you to have diarrhoea if you are suffering from the condition without being aware of it.

You can eat less wheat to make sure that you do not suffer from diarrhoea so much.

Abdominal Distention

When you have coeliac disease, gas can become trapped inside your intestines causing you to feel extremely uncomfortable. The gas will cause your abdomen to start to distend outwards. If you notice that gas is starting to become a problem, then you should go to the doctor in order to get to the root cause.

Lots of burping and passing gas is a sign that your abdomen has become distended.


When you are eating your food, you need to absorb as many nutrients as possible. Coeliac bowel disease can make this process extremely difficult. Malabsorption is something that can be diagnosed by a test at the doctors. This lack of nutrients can leave you with a lack of energy and may affect your ability to lead a fully active life.

Stunted Growth In Children

Coeliac bowel disease does not just occur in adults. It can also occur in children and needs to be identified at an early stage. One of the clearest signs of coeliac bowel disease is if your child is not growing at the normal rate as well as having a lack of appetite.

You should keep an eye out for all the symptoms of coeliac bowel disease if you suspect that you are suffering from it.

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