What is the relationship between obesity and diabetes?

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Obesity is one of the main risk factors for diabetes; get more information!

While diabetes is already reaching close to 350 million people in the world, according to estimates of the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity is considered a global epidemic. But there is a relationship between obesity and diabetes?

According to the experts, there is yes a relationship! And this happens because the conditions that lead to overweight are also responsible for causing type 2 diabetes, in addition to the operation of the organism to be transformed when there is an excess of body fat. “Poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle are associated with the development of obesity. This makes insulin requirements increase, since the receptors of the insulin decrease. In this way, we realize that obesity is one of the main risk factors for the development of diabetes,” he explains.


Diabetes occurs when the body cannot produce enough insulin to take sugar into the cells, causing hyperglycemia. The nutritionist explains that type 1 diabetes occurs when the body’s defense attacks the cells of the pancreas responsible for producing insulin. Since the type 2 is acquired with the time, for the account of the abuse of carbohydrates of fast absorption (the refined) and sweets. “In this type of diabetes, the person becomes resistant to insulin or does not produce an adequate amount,” the expert says.


When we come to understand how diabetes works in your body, it is more simple to understand the relationship with obesity. Power dissipated with refined carbohydrates in excess and sedentary lifestyle cause the accumulation of fat and can also lead the body to become insulin resistant.

The good news, according to nutritionist Mary, is that many times diabetes can be controlled with “the increase of the physical activity and weight reduction – emagrecimento rapido – by means of a proper diet with the help of a nutritionist,” she says.


The nutritionist explains that in order to steer clear of diabetes away it is recommended to adopt a balanced diet and well-distributed throughout the day, based on natural foods, with carbohydrates absorption slow and rich in fibers, lean proteins, and good fats. “It is important to avoid refined carbohydrates such as white bread, pasta, sugar, sweets, candy, soda, etc Is the will, the secret is to consume these foods in a very sporadic way,” he says.

She also points out that the practice of physical activity also helps to reduce the chances of development of these pathologies.


According to experts in nutrition, food for those who already have diabetes is not very different to the one used for prevention. “Of course, it is necessary to learn carbohydrate counting to control blood glucose. A nutritionist clinician can help a lot in this time! And it is highly recommended decreased body weight and body fat, for those who are over weight,” recommended by nutritionists.

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