What You Should Realistically Expect when Undergoing Laser Hair Removal

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More and more people – young and old, men as well as women – are taking advantage of modern beauty treatments, including hair removal using laser technology. Usually these semi-permanent treatments work just fine, and the customer walks away satisfied. Sometimes, however, unexpected or unwanted things happen and the patient sustains injuries which could have been avoided.

What many people don’t realise is that the beauty treatment industry in regard to treatment with laser technology, has been deregulated since October 2010, and this means that even those without professional training are allowed to perform these often risky procedures. It pays to be cautious. Here’s what you should realistically expect when undergoing laser hair removal.

The consultation

It’s a simple process, and it’s only normal that you should get a consultation before you start undergoing any procedures. During the consultation, your specialist should examine the area that needs to be treated. During this session, your skin, the recommended procedure, and the expected results – as well as the potential risks – should be discussed.

Medical history

During the consultation, your medical history should be discussed. It’s important that you are very open regarding this, including any diseases or ailments you are suffering from, any medication that you may be taking, or any other important issues which the therapist should know. Certain conditions or medicines could influence the outcome of the procedure.

Safe level

The laser should be set to a level that is safe for the procedure – and this level can vary greatly from person to person or procedure to procedure. During (or immediately after) the procedure, the skin should be cooled.

Normal side effects

It’s normal to feel some discomfort whilst the procedure is taking place, or for a little while afterwards. Here are some of the things you should expect:

  • Slight tingling or burning sensation
  • Redness or slight irritation
  • Short-term inflammation or slight bruising

When things go wrong

If you experience symptoms or effects beyond the usual irritation, however – such as a laser burn, discolouration of the skin, scarring, or similar issues – you may have sustained a personal injury.

If you are ever a victim of personal injury due to laser hair removal treatment, it’s important you seek medical treatment right away – and seek professional legal assistance to make a claim. There are special solicitors who can help you with this, often on a No Win, No Fee basis, to ensure that you get proper compensation for the injuries you have received. It’s important that you seek compensation, for two reasons. First of all, you have the right to compensation to help you cope with the injuries. But secondly, and equally important, those responsible should be held to account to ensure such things don’t happen again.

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