Why Live in Care is Your Best Option for Your Elderly Loved One

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When a person gets older, they begin to experience issues with mobility, memory, or taking care of and looking after themselves. This is where round-the-clock help and assistance is most appreciated, especially if your elderly loved one is living alone. One common solution is to place your loved one in a facility or centre where they can be looked after – but this option poses some problems, particularly with family members who do not want to move away from home. Their home, after all, is an environment that they love and are familiar with. Fortunately, there is another solution available: live in care. Here’s why live in care is your best option for your elderly loved one.

What it is and what it can give you

Live in care is exactly as its name implies: it’s residential care where a professional caregiver will live in the home, care for your loved one, and manage their needs. Often, live in caregivers will share the work with another live in caregiver, so the caregivers can work in two-week increments. For the first two weeks, one caregiver will be in the home, whilst for the other two weeks, the other caregiver will be in charge.

The benefits to your loved one

No need to move

One primary benefit to live in or residential care comes from the fact that your family member can stay home. They can continue living in their own residence, so there is no major upheaval to prepare for. Their home is their castle and it holds their treasures and memories, and it is a familiar and loved environment where they can be at ease. For an elderly individual, staying in their own home brings a lot of benefits. They are more comfortable, and, as is true for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s, they are surrounded by familiar objects and things which are easily recognisable.

One-on-one care

Another benefit to live in care is the one-on-one care your loved one is sure to receive. Unlike a care home where staff has to divide their time amongst residents, a live in caregiver can solely focus their attention on your family member. The live in caregiver only has to take care of your loved one, and them alone.

A better way of life for everyone

With live in care, not only will your loved one be able to continue the way they live – they will also experience a better way of life. They can maintain their daily routine, they can keep their pets, and they can still go out and visit with their social circle and do the activities they’re used to. It’s also beneficial for you, as you don’t have to worry about your family member and know that they are in good hands. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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